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A Significant Strength

Our multi-homed, all Cisco network has been designed from the ground up to be 100% resilient and fully scalable. Our core network is deployed in an N+N 10Gb configuration, which means failures of individual network components – routers, switches or interconnects, will have zero impact on the availability or performance of the network and your associated services.


All Cisco Hardware

In line with our policy on best in breed hardware, our network is built from the ground up using Cisco routers and switches. This gives us benefits in terms of reliability, interoperability and redundancy.

Zero Packet Loss

We've worked hard to deploy a network with zero packet loss. We use a unique BGP routing scheme over multiple 10Gb connections to keep your connection performing at it's optimum. In addition our network is monitored 24x7 by our NOC staff.

Worldwide Datacenters

The StratoGen network is available in all of our tier 3 datacenter facilities enabling us to offer highly competitive interconnect bandwidth and leased line connectivity. We have agreements with a number of carriers to provide last mile connectivity in short time scales and at discount pricing.

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RIPE Membership

StratoGen is a member of RIPE – the European governing body for IP address allocation, enabling StratoGen to control and manage your IP resource allocation.

IPV6 Enabled

The StratoGen Network is fully IPv6 enabled thus offering you future-proofed Inter-networking solutions.


Support Heroes

Our Support Heroes are experienced, certified IP engineers with extensive training in complex IP configurations. Our unique, award winning approach to support means we never employ unqualified or junior staff to take your calls. If you need networking assistance you can expect direct help from a senior network engineer to quickly resolve any issues.

Extremely Low Latency

With extremely low latency and a congestion-free design our network is ideal for gaming, VOIP, media streaming and other high demand applications.


"Extremely low latency and a congestion free design - perfect for high demand applications."

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Talkin' Cloud Top 100 Cloud Service Providers 2015