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Fast, flexible with room to grow

With 100% up time guarantee, global support and a cloud hosting environment that scales up as you grow your business, we can design the next generation cloud platform with advanced features you won't find anywhere else.

Increase bandwidth to massive traffic spikes, boost storage capacity to meet your data demands, or co-locate legacy equipment - discover the limitless potential of the Access Alto Cloud.


Features you won't find anywhere else

At StratoGen, we are proud to offer valuable features that are unique to our VMware Cloud infrastructure, including firewalls and deploy load balancers from a single interface.

Even better, it's powerful and cost effective meaning you get more for less.



Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting at a glance

VMware Cloud Hosting VMware Cloud Hosting

Powered by VMware technology, you can enjoy all the benefits of an enterprise class infrastructure for a fraction of the cost. Choose from our Europe, US and Asia based clouds.

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OpenStack Private Cloud

Industry leading Access Alto Private Cloud managed via the OpenStack API

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Private Cloud Hosting Private Cloud Hosting

Access Alto Private Cloud – powered by VMware and OpenStack - gives you increased security, control and performance without the burden of designing, deploying and managing your own infrastructure.

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Hybrid Cloud Hosting Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Free yourself from hardware constraints by having a virtually unlimited supply of global, high performance VMware resources at your fingertips.

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