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Seamlessly integrate your on-site infrastructure

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Hybrid Cloud Hosting from Access Alto allows you to seamlessly integrate your on-site infrastructure with the Access Alto Public Cloud. Move virtual machines when needed from your VMware platform to the Access Alto Cloud in a couple of clicks, directly from vCenter.

The future, and for good reason

VMware sees hybrid cloud as the future and for good reason. The ability to take additional compute resource from public clouds such as Access Alto, enables organisations to have a truly dynamic infrastructure at their fingertips. Free yourself from the restrictions of physical hardware with an almost unlimited supply of on-demand compute resource in the Access Alto cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Hosting at a glance

Hybrid Cloud Advantages

Organisations with hybrid cloud configurations benefit from a truly dynamic infrastructure that can respond to demands from in-house users or internet campaigns in an instant. Your on-site VMware hosts gain access to near unlimited resource providing a new level of flexibility when it comes to short term projects or migrations.

A Cloud With A Difference

The Access Alto VMware platform is a cloud with a difference. Built, deployed and managed using "best practice" methologies by certified VMware engineers, it offers enterprise class performance without compromise. Unlike other cloud hosts we are happy to disclose the physical infrastructure of our platform. HP blades are equipped with Intel E5 processors (Sandy Bridge) and DDR3 fast memory in a high availability HP chassis. High performance NetApp SANs are configured in RAID DP with 15K disks with multiple controllers and PSUs for failover protection.

Enterprise Licensing

Access Alto makes extensive use of the full enterprise licensing of VMware including vMotion and DRS to meet our 100% uptime service level agreement. In addition we offer our full platform in 2 different datacentres allowing you to create fully resilient multi-site configurations for disaster recovery and load balancing.

vCloud Connector

vCloud Connector is a free download from VMware which plugs in to your existing vCenter application. Once installed your virtual datacentre in the Access Alto cloud appears in exactly the same way as your in-house VMware infrastructure. It's this tight integration that allows you to move your virtual machines back and forth between the Access Alto cloud with such ease.

vCloud Director

All Access Alto VMware hosting products are built upon VMware vCloud Director. Build and configure your virtual datacentre in the cloud just the way you want it, using tools for creating vApps, internal networks and firewalls.