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Access Alto is a leading global provider of VMware hosting with more industry awards and product firsts than any other. With guaranteed 100% up time, 24/7 support and a comprehensive service level agreement, the Access Alto EVS platform delivers a powerful yet cost effective cloud hosting solution.


Agile and advanced

Built on vSphere 5.5 technologies from VMware, StratoGen EVS is an enterprise-grade cloud platform available in 6 data centres across 5 regions in US, Europe and Asia. The StratoGen cloud has the scale, performance and security to exceed your organisation's needs.

It includes self-service functionality well beyond that of competing platforms. Instantly build networks, deploy firewalls, configure rule sets or create VPN's all from a single user interface. Add in high availability load balancers with a single click to deliver the highest levels of performance and resilience.


VMware Cloud Hosting

Get more for less

The Access Alto cloud offers many significant features that are unique to our VMware based infrastructure.

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Compatible with your applications

Access Alto EVS supports over 450 operating systems including Windows Server 2008 and 2012, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS and Ubuntu. It's also incredibly easy to upload your own installation media or custom virtual machine images directly into your virtualised environment.

You won't find locked-in processor/memory/storage configurations here; you are free to allocate exactly the resources needed to each server, independently of one another.




SharpLock Security and Compliance

The Access Alto Cloud provides a secure foundation for your business applications, with an architecture designed to exceed business critical compliance requirements including SAS 70, PCI-DSS and ISO27001.

Our unique SharpLock service offers a wide array of additional security features including two factor authentication that are fully customisable to your virtual datacentre.


On-site integration

The Access Alto Cloud tightly integrates with any on-site VMware infrastructure you may have, enable a "single pane" management console for both your hosted and on-site resources.




Access Alto Cloud is built on extreme performance HP blades with Intel E5 (Haswell) processors. Each blade is configured with multiple 10gb network interfaces in an N+1 systems that operates storage and connectivity.

  • Extreme performance for high CPU workloads
  • Up to 1TB RAM and 64 vCPUs supported per VM
  • Hot add CPUs and RAM with zero downtime (where VM OS supports)



Access Alto operate clusters of very high performance NetApp storage arrays configured with multiple redundant controllers in a RAID DP configuration.

  • Enterprise grade NetApp storage
  • SSD, SAS and SATA tiers available
  • Hot add storage with zero downtime
  • Daily offsite backup with 7 day retention included as standard




Our multi-homed, all Cisco network has been designed from the ground up to be 100% resilient and fully scalable. Our core network is deployed in an N+N 10Gb configuration, which means failures of individual network components – routers, switches or interconnects, will have zero impact on the availability or performance of the network and your associated services.

  • True network isolation within platform
  • Support for virtually all architectures including MPLS, static routing, network address translation (NAT), IPsec VPNs, DHCP and much more
  • Direct high speed, low latency connectivity from multiple tier 1 providers
  • Dedicated bandwidth between Access Alto cloud datacentres available



Access Alto is fully ISO-27001 certified, UK government gCloud approved and all datacentres worldwide are SSAE-16/ISO-27001. We have extensive experience building Access Alto Clouds that achieve rigorous compliance requirements including PCI DSS, SSAE-16 and HIPAA.

Physical Server Integration

We live and breathe cloud at Access Alto but equally we are fully aware that there are times when a physical server or device is required.

If you need your existing hardware to live out it's depreciation cycle we can help by offering seamless integration with our cloud platform to achieve the best of both worlds.

Other technologies

Access Alto have a wealth of experience building out clouds with vendors such as Dell EqualLogic, and technologies such as global load balancing and WAN optimisation.

VMware Hosting Pricing

Access Alto offer both monthly fixed price and pay-by-the-hour pricing plans on all our VMware hosting products. This flexibility ensures you can find the perfect Access Alto hosting product to meet both your business objectives and budget. 

Microsoft Licensing Pricing

Use the right Microsoft products and licenses to further reduce costs in a VMware virtualized environment.