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Scalable bandwidth

Our connectivity products offer direct connection to our core network for a low monthly fee. With an all Cisco design and built using N+1 component redundancy at every level, the network guarantees 100% availability and exceptional performance for demanding businesses.

A self healing design that handles multiple hardware failures with ease, the Access Alto network is optimised for business communications in a mission critical environment.

Connectivity options

High speed connectivity is available on-site at Access Alto's data centres or using cost effective leased line/Ethernet delivery to your premises. We supply a wide range of services including IP Transit, Partial Transit, and MPLS IP VPNs.


Connectivity at a glance

IP Transit

Native IPV4 and IPV6 transit from our resilient network hosted in Telehouse West, London

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A secure, cost effective wide area networking solution for connecting your multiple business locations into one place

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True next generation network capability, enabling you to extend your local area network between multiple office or datacentre locations

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Low latency

Our highly optimised BGP configuration delivers zero packet loss and very low latency for high demand applications such as video streaming, VOIP and gaming.

Managed Network Option

Our managed services team offer full management of your business communications to provide an end-to-end solution to your connectivity requirements.

More throughput, less cost

Access Alto is a member of LINX and has extensive direct peerings with other major backbone providers ensuring the lowest latency possible at all times.

In addition the network is multi-homed with multiple tier-1 upstream providers ensuring the shortest routes are available and handling network failures without a loss in performance.