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EqualLogic SAN Replication

The Access Alto EqualLogic replication service offers a replication target for your in-house EqualLogic SAN, hosted in one of our tier-3 datacentres. Get backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) storage as needed rather than 'by the box' to dramatically reduce your costs.

By taking advantage of your SANs in-built auto replication feature, you can create a highly resilient disaster recovery solution for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Making your money go further

Setting up a Disaster Recovery site is an expensive option for many businesses, with huge up-front costs and ongoing co-location fees. By replicating in our EqualLogic SAN environment, you can rent just the storage space you need for a low monthly fee and no long term commitment.

Disaster Recovery As A Service

Best in class replication performance

By replicating your SAN to another EqualLogic unit, you will achieve best in class replication performance with no additional software or hardware required. You can maintain a real-time block level copy of your own data in a high secure datacentre with 100% up time guarantee.

Migrate Risk

An end to end EqualLogic solution for replication allows you to mitigate risk and prevent data loss by using a vendor approved and tested configuration.

Support Heroes

Our replication service is operated by our award winning Support Heroes offering full 24x7x365 manned technical expertise. As a Dell service provider partners, we have qualified EqualLogic engineers to assist in an event of a disaster, and to ensure your replication configuration is performing at its optimum level.