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Get back to business, and fast

In today's always-on global world, you need to protect and quickly recover your data in the event of damaging natural or human-made events. You also need to maximise investments and get the most out of your IT infrastructure

NetApp® SnapMirror® technology provides fast, efficient data replication and disaster recovery (DR) for your critical data..

One solution for your critical data

Use a single solution across all NetApp storage arrays and protocols. SnapMirror technology works with any application, in both virtual and traditional environments, and in multiple configurations, including hybrid cloud.

Disaster Recovery As A Service

Increase availability and speed recovery

Integration with SnapMirror® in your VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager enables rapid recovery and access to your data through your failed-over virtual machines on the secondary site.

It replicates data at high speeds over LAN or WAN, providing you with high data availability and fast DR for your business-critical applications,  in both virtual and traditional environments.

Use a standardised multi-purpose replication solution

NetApp SnapMirror software can protect your business with simple, efficient replication for disaster recovery and extend the value of replicated data to accelerate your business.

Reduce bandwidth utilisation and storage footprint

Thin replication and native network compression reduce bandwidth utilisation by 70% and reduce storage requirements by up to 90% in virtualised environments.

Increase availability

Improve application availability with our industry-leading Disaster Recovery failover points, allowing you to rapidly recover from mirrored corruption.

Reduce management overhead

Easily manage replication across different storage array tiers and protocols with the same tool.