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Scale out your applications

Hadoop Hosting from Access Alto allows you to take advantage of the full Apache Hadoop stack to scale out your applications without buying, configuring or maintaining the complex underlying infrastructure. Our solution architects and technology partners have done the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on your applications rather than time consuming infrastructure issues.

A better way to deploy Hadoop

For production environments a Hadoop cluster has the performance and resilience attributes required for today's busiest web properties. Built on high performance commodity hardware, a dedicated Hadoop cluster from Access Alto delivers a superior platform backed by an industry leading 100% uptime service level agreement.


Hadoop as a Service

Our cloud based clusters are ideal for short term projects such as test and development, and can be deployed in minutes. Massive cloud resources are available to scale out your environment instantly with pricing on an hourly, pay-as-you-go basis to ensure budgets are met.

Scale resources

Instantly scale resources (CPU, memory, storage) on-demand.

Cloudera Enterprise

Includes Cloudera Enterprise free edition for clusters up to 50 nodes.

Customised environment

Custom Hadoop environment tailored to your exact needed by certified experts.

Clone clusters

Ability to quality clone entire clusters as templates for future use.

Cost effective

Cost effective pay-as-you-go billing.


Support Heroes

At Access Alto we believe you should be able to talk to Support Heroes whenever you need to –so we don't use a call centre to triage our support issues.

Access Alto Support Heroes are highly skilled engineers with a strong pedigree in Networking, Infrastructure and Systems Administration – they know what they are talking about and love solving your problems. 

We'd be delighted to show you what Hadoop can do for your organisation.

Client Focused

We recognise that our clients live and die by the availability and performance of their business applications and web properties. With that in mind, we've helped hundreds of organisations move to distributed or cloud solutions, reducing their costs and realising their business goals. With a Hadoop hosting solution from Access Alto we become an extension of your team, not just another service provider.