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Simple, one-step process

Hosting VMware images in the Access Alto cloud is a simple, one-step process. Our advanced web portal run on vCloud Director gives you the ability to upload your own virtual machine image, or select one from the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace.

Self service portal

Configure and manage your virtualised environment using the most powerful tool in the industry - vCloud Director. This web based portal allows you to create and configure your virtual datacentre exactly the way you want it, including tools for creating vApps, internal networks and firewalls.

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High scalable

As your requirements grow, your StratoGen virtual datacentre will grow with you. Add CPU, memory or SAN storage in seconds allowing you to build out complex vApps or deploy multiple virtual machines with ease.


A Powerful Platform for Business

Your virtual machine resides in a world class datacentre on leading hardware from Hewlett Packard and EqualLogic. Our HP blades boast the very latest Intel E5 processors coupled with fast DDR3 RAM. Our EqualLogic SANs use only 15k SAS drives configured in RAID10 along with multiple controllers and PSUs for added resilience.

Enterprise Licensing

StratoGen makes extensive use of the full enterprise licensing of VMware including vMotion and DRS to meet our 100% uptime service level agreement. In addition we offer our full platform in 2 different datacentres allowing you to create fully resilient multi-site configurations for disaster recovery and load balancing.

SAN Backup Facilities

We run daily NetApp SAN snapshots which are replicated to our off-site backup SAN, along with full weekly backups. This regime offers peace of mind in the unlikely event of NetApp SAN hardware failure.

Up and go

Organisations benefits from the huge range of virtual machines from the virtual appliance marketplace. Simply upload your image and go - it couldn't be easier.